Christmas Lighting

Christmas and festival lighting has always been a bit tricky. How much do you buy and how much do you spend? I think the best type of Christmas lighting you can get right now is connector lighting. The name says it all.
The idea of ​​connector kits is simple. You buy a starter cord that has a plug that fits into your standard household socket and then you simply connect the LED lighting sections together. A starter cable kit can support up to 1040 continuous LEDs circulating around your home. For example, you can buy 10 sets of LED icicle lights in one run, which would create more than 100 meters of continuous illumination.
I would recommend that you buy a brand name product as there are many connector kits on the market but you want to avoid buying a lot of equipment and then you cannot expand it further because you cannot find the company you initially bought from.
Try to stick LED Christmas Lights with a long-established brand like Swedish lighting company Konstsmide. They have a very good reputation for their high quality lighting at a mid-range price and you can buy all kinds of extras and add-ons to your kit like LED snowflake icicles and again they all fit into a kit with a plug. .
The connector kits are not just for outdoor use and can be used around the house on the Christmas tree or to decorate the house, and they have the same amount of flexibility as with the outdoor kits.
The benefits are clear:

A single plug for up to 100 meters of lights. You can replace faulty runs without having to replace the entire light kit. All connector kits are now LED, so there is no need to replace lamps or stand out in the cold trying to find the faulty bulb. The low cost of operation will save you money on your electricity bills. If you need more lighting, just buy another 5m run and add it to the end of the run until you have the correct amount.
I would also recommend that you shop around, as connector kit prices vary significantly. However, I think you get what you pay for, so always try to go for a well-known and trusted brand.
I hope this has been of some help to you.